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Semantic Desktop Paves the Way for the Semantic Web ICT Results (EU)

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Semantic Desktop Paves the Way for the Semantic Web ICT Results (11/25/08)

The European Union-funded Nepomuk project has developed innovative software to make finding and sharing information on a computer significantly easier, potentially solving the "chicken and egg" problem that has hindered the development of the semantic Web.

Presentation slides on the Social Semantic Web (from last night's IET/CompSoc talk)

Here are my slides from last night's joint talk for the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Computer Society... tops BlueMetrix study of 38 Irish websites (via IIA and AMAS State of the Net)

From the latest IIA and AMAS State of the Net Issue 11:

Online Advertising

Online audience measurement in Ireland is dogged by a torrent of data. Some of it is irrelevant (such as hits on a website, which aren’t a true measure of online traffic) and little of it is directly comparable. This makes the job of media planners, the professionals who buy online advertising, a challenging one.

Prize winners visualise Irish online life in the SIOC Data Competition

The winners of the SIOC (pronounced "shock") data competition being run by DERI at the National University of Ireland, Galway have been announced. The competition ran from September to October 2008, and the brief was to produce an interesting creation based on a data set of discussion posts reflecting ten years of Irish online life from, Ireland's largest community website.

Golden Spider Award Winners 2008

  1. Best Financial Services Website -
  2. Best Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Website -
  3. Best Digital Media Website -
  4. Best Sports and Leisure Website -
  5. Best Community and Charity Website -
  6. Best Education, Research and Training Website -

Irish Times: " scoops Golden Spider award" scoops Golden Spider award


ONLINE FORUM netted the inaugural People's Choice Award at the Eircom Golden Spiders internet awards, which were presented in Dublin last night by comedian Des Bishop.

The hugely popular discussion forum was the "clear winner", according to the organisers in the category where members of the public were invited to vote for their favourite social networking and community website.

"The distributed social web"

I read an interesting Gartner talk summary by Ross Dawson about the distributed social web, via another blog post by Chris Saad. Building blocks like OpenID, oAuth and microformats are mentioned in both posts, and I wanted to pipe up on behalf of the Semantic Web (if I may)... has the second highest number of unique visitors to an Irish website

According to island of Ireland audited data on Irish websites from ABCe, has the second highest number of unique visitors in Ireland, currently at 1.7 million compared with RTÉ's 2.1 million visitors. This is more than the combined audited figures for both the Irish Times plus (1.5 million) and for IN&M's Irish Independent plus (1.2 million).

Judges for the SIOC Data Competition

I am happy to announce that the judges for the SIOC Data Competition are:

We had about sixty registrants and eight final submissions of very high quality. We will announce the winners in a few weeks time...